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The old runner in you, what would you tell them now?

We’ve experienced running in all different forms here at The Running Company, every day we get inspired by stories our customers tell us whilst getting fitted for shoes.

The local running community on the sunshine coast are great at getting behind each other with the vision to encourage and help their peers succeed.  

Here is what our local running community had to say when we asked the above question, ‘The old runner in you, what would you tell them now?’. 

We hope that you, or someone you know, will be able to gain knowledge and words of encouragement from each other’s experience.


It was great to hear that many of us purely run for the joy of it. Johanna suggests, ‘chucking away the Garmin and the Strava. Buy the right gear not the cool gear and run because you love it not because you feel accountable to others’. 

Much like by Simon’s approach to running ‘You have nothing to prove, don’t get caught up in thinking you have to put up numbers on Strava or any run streak BS. Instagram does not define you as a runner. Run when you want, rest when you should. Do it for the love not the ‘likes’.

With social media rapidly growing it can be difficult to stay present and in the moment while letting each foot hit the ground peacefully. Enjoy the surrounding views whilst seeing fellow runners out embracing the freedom that running offers. 

It was nice that local Triathlon coach, Scotty Farrell also took the time to express his thoughts ‘I think big picture: true gains in aerobic development, strength, and speed come from an ability to think long term. It’s more important to be consistent for many months/years than have magic days/weeks here and there. And invest in a coach to help the journey along’. This is a great reminder that everyone is at a different part of their journey in reaching their personal goals.

A few comments came through on how much we judge ourselves and compare ourselves to others, we are our own worst critic.  

Alysia mentioned, ‘Don’t compare yourself to what others can do or what you used to be able to do. Once you take the pressure off yourself and just enjoy being out their other things will click into place on their own’. It’s something that we get told quite a bit for example trusting the process, it will happen, trust it.

Gia Lee Argo also had a similar comment, ‘Don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember to look back and see how far you have come. Also, don’t feel like you have to prove yourself, you will get there in time’. Looking back on where you have come from is a great motivation booster and helps you appreciate what you have already achieved.

Allow yourself to be patient with the process but also being patient with yourself. Keep an open mindset that some days are not going to feel as good as the one before. ‘One foot in front of the other. Champions are made from what you do consistently. Be kind to yourself there is always time to improve’, Samantha commented.

Jennifer touched on patience, but also taking into consideration strength training ‘Be patient with the process and remember it’s not all about volume, you need strength training as well’. This is a great way to add variety to your running program but also preventing injuries which will increase longevity in what you love. 

We do love running but, we love being able to run happy and comfortably. Finding a suitable shoe for you is important, It will allow you to reach the goals you’ve put in place with a smile and a happy, healthy body. Luke recommends, ‘Seeing someone reputable about shoe choices. I cannot recommend this enough. Get it right and save lost running time due to injury and also lots of dollars in medical expenses. Gait analysis has saved my running. Thanks TRC Sunny Coast’, 

Fern commented it does certainly also help prevent injuries ‘The right shoes can be critical. Invest early to save time off in injuries etc’, agree.

Before you start increasing the kilometres too much, make sure you pop into the store to get your current shoe checked. You never know, there might be something more comfortable and suited to your foot on our wall.

We hope this information has helped you get out the door and running today. Feel free to pop instore for a chat, give us a call or even flick us a message on social media if you have any queries or questions about your footwear or training in general.

All you have to do it start’.
- Karyn

 Be safe and run happy,

Brad + Team