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Keeping motivated through COVID-19

Let’s control the controllable and leave the uncontrollable at bay.

It's certainly a strange time for an athlete, and the public in general with a lot of uncertainly in the air. Below we cover a couple of things to keep in mind while staying active and healthy during COVID-19.
An article released by Forbes sums up the current situation. Many things our out of our control at this present time. Our homes have become busier, occupied by children, our work environment has been adjusted to fit regulations, pressures of home schooling kids to the health of our loved ones and the concerns regarding the global spread of COVID-19.

Perhaps the most frustrating part? We have no idea how much longer this will last.

Keeping your mojo, aka keeping motivated, can become difficult through this period. Races are being postponed until further notice or rescheduled to a date later in the year but, without reassurance how do we keep motivated in this ever changing situation...


We love the feeling of being fit. It’s contagious. We keep coming back for more, pushing our bodies and seeing the outcome of giving our best.

A worthwhile read shared by Training Peaks written by Philip Mosely, discusses a few worthwhile take aways to think about. One being, you’ll stay fit. However, we all know the longer you hit the pause button on training the more fitness you will lose.
You've decrease your training load to keep some fitness but, are you still struggling to get out the door? Lets look at the bigger picture, try your best to stay optimistic, if there is a race in three months will you be happy with where you are at? Personally, I find it important, especially during this time of uncertainty to keep up my typical weekly training structure. This will allow your body to adjust back to previous training load/intensity easier when a race date is released.

Runners are a happy bunch, it keeps us physically and mentally fit, and is one of the best antidepressants.


To accompany your running during this time of uncertainty your nutrition is something that needs to be considered on a daily bases.

As nutritionist Tara explains in her recent blog 'The Effect of Stress on Eating and Eating on Stress'Stress affects food preferences, referencing the less nutritious versions of food effects motivation. Numerous studies have shown that physical or emotional distress increases the intake of food high in fat, sugar, or both, increasing cortisol levels, in combination with high insulin levels.

People may be making their stress worse by taking that very action. That’s because diet choices can make or break your stress levels.

So, how are we going to pull this all together and keep motivated. Think about your goals, although the goal (race) may have been shifted to a later date, keep your eye on the prize. Fuel your body with the correct nutrition for your lifestyle, keeping your head clear and body ready for what the day has in-store.
Allow yourself to relax and enjoy working on the basics, work on the little things that you previously couldn't find 'time' for. Allow your body to absorb the work now for a better end goal.

Most importantly, Run, because you can!

Change your focus. Focus on the positive in this situation. Let's keep each other accountable. Tag #RunHappySunshineCoast in your next social media post. We'll be checking up on you weekly 😉

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Stay safe and happy,
Brad + Lucy