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Featured Runner - Pete Jacobs

What motivates you to get out the door and run?

A sense of adventure, the unknown of what I might see, experience, learn. And that is lot about self-discovery too, how I feel, can I relax and work through bad patches, or will I just feel euphoric and light for the entire run haha.

If you had the opportunity to do a run anywhere in the world, where would you run?

Somewhere in the mountains along the borders of France, Italy, and Switzerland near Chamonix, I’ve run a little there, but would like to go back and run more.  

When training, what is your favourite run session?
My Sunday long run. I enjoy getting further from home, covering more ground, feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and freedom and ability. There’s also so much time to be self-aware, of mind, body, thoughts, feelings, technique, rhythm, and efficiency while going along at a pace relatively close to race pace. This all adds up to some quality visualisation time, being in “the zone” where nothing exists except that moment. It’s a great feeling, on tired legs, blocking out the discomfort and fatigue, and just feeling limitless by being present.


Your favourite running event? And why?

I haven’t done many “running” events, so hard to say, but having competed at Ironman Hawaii Ironman several times with good and bad days, I’d have to say that race is my favourite run. The marathon along Alii Drive, then along the Queen “K” highway, and a finish-line like no other, when you add the emotions of that place and race, it really is something special. Like I said above in other answers, when you have to dig deep, when you have to be in the zone, that state of flow to rise above pain and fear or else you might just give up, that’s what makes it special to me.