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Featured Runner - Milly Clark

What motivates you to get out the door and run?

I don’t think there is one thing in particular, but many reasons. For the most part, I genuinely love the feel of fresh air and wind (or rain) on my face and don’t feel as happy or relaxed as when I am finished with a run. There is something incredibly rewarding once the day is done, and I know I have felt a sting in my lungs and legs, and I can curl up on the couch and tuck into a good bit of Pork Belly!

I also really love the challenge and variety you can get with running that you can’t necessarily get in other sports or fitness activities. It is a great way to explore a neighbourhood, a park, bushland and anywhere in between. Whether I set myself small daily goals for a run, or long term ones, I enjoy being able to tick boxes and set new challenges once I am done.


If you had the opportunity to do a run anywhere in the world, where would you run?

Flagstaff, Arizona. It has an incredible network of trails and bike paths,  I feel like I could spend months up there and never double back on myself in a run. It is quiet, safe, picturesque and with the altitude, it literally takes your breath away up there!

When training, what is your favourite run session?

I really love 2km rep sessions with a couple minutes jog recovery. I am certainly not a “speedy” runner, so sometimes even 1km reps are too fast for me! I like because I can take the foot off the gas just slightly, but still get a really solid burn and session in the legs.

Your favourite running event? And why?

 So far in my career, I would have to say the Gold Coast Marathon. The two-day event brings such a great atmosphere that I really thrive on. The crowds cheering, the scenery, the weather and the fact it is close to home make it such a great event. It is hard to pass up an ocean swim and really fun bars/restaurants after you have finished as well!