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Community Runner - Sandy Minke

What motivates you to get out the door and run?

What motivates me to run (albeit not fast or far anymore) is that running is my take on mindfulness. I'd rather pull my fingernails out with a pair of eyebrow tweezers than listen to relaxation tapes and attempt yoga positions, but 30 comfortable ks with the sound of the birds and my own breathing - there it is!

 If you had the opportunity to do a run anywhere in the world, where would you run?

Anywhere in the world: I have been totally lost in London and in Lugano (home of my mother's ancestors). Long, lost runs - best way of sightseeing. In Lugano, the fact that I couldn't speak Italian added that extra challenge. I've walked on the Great Wall of China, but always thought the marathon there would be a blast.

 When training, what is your favourite run session?

Fave session for me is lots of comfortable ks with mates. Those 30+ marathon training runs at 4am - gold. 

Your favourite running event? And why?

 I was in Vancouver in 2012 and considered entering a race that boasts the biggest elevation drop of any half marathon in the world - there was my shot at a sub 1.30 half. Sadly, it was my birthday and I chose ice cream. I really like the Adelaide marathon - home of my PB. Nice little hilly sections past houses I'll never be able to afford.