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Community Runner - Jake Townsend

What motivates you to get out the door and run?

A lot of things actually, well pretty much any excuse and I’m out the door to go for run, I love the feeling of being free and all expectations that you have on yourself or anyone has on you can wait, this is your time to be you and do what you love !

One thing that really motivates me to run is my mental health and the impact one run can have on it, no matter how far or how hard.  I can wake up with all the stresses and problems in the world (in my head) and a few kms into a run they start to just fade away and life seems good again.  I have a lot of great friends I’ve met through running that really inspire me and motivate me to do better.  I’m lucky with the group of friends I have as we all really want to see the best out of each other, whether it’s by banter form (we all know who that is) or positive comments we really do ensure we do our best to push each other no matter what level we may be.

Most of all my Mother motivates me to get up, get out and run.  I lost my mother early to cancer and she left me with some wise words when it came to running, back then I smoked, but took it all on board what she said and here I am.

I challenge anyone that is reading this if you don’t run and am unsure about it, just keep it simple and get out and run.  There’s The Running Company Run Club, every Tuesday from the store that caters for everyone, abilities and no one is left behind. I guarantee it will change your life.


If you had the opportunity to do a run anywhere in the world, where would you run?

Chaminox France without a doubt.  The scenery the vibe just everything about the UTMB draws me to it.  The massive climbs, the people, the culture and all of the food ! If I know that there is slight chance I could possibly get there, I’ll be on a plane (when it’s safe to again) and would take in everything it has to offer!!

Oh and Comrades ! Id love to go to South Africa and experience the most prestigious marathon in the world.  I was training for that this year through a marathon qualifier to then gain a gold start into Comrades.  This was the race that was going to really test me and challenge me through the distance and terrain.  For every person I have spoken to about Comrades, they pause, smile and almost tear up for the experience of it all. One day I’ll get there, just not this year.

When training, what is your favourite run session?

Is there a favourite session? ha ha ha. I love anything tempo running, not by pace but effort based, it really helps me break down a long run.  I lay it out as in the second half and say to myself, just like the mid-week tempo Jake it was only X amount of ks you can do this and break it down into smaller groups.

Most of all when we are allowed within eye shot of each other, Run Club (I’ve met a lot of people here) and the Sunday long run with my mates, we are all at different levels but Sundays we run as a group and have a bit of banter, well mainly banter!

Your favourite running event? And why?

I love Blackall 100, although I had to pull out right near the end (long story). There is so much to love about the event. The event organisers that put it on are so passionate about the entire thing and it really shows come race day. The day is flawless and goes without any issues. The course is up there with some of the best scenery you’ll ever see in QLD and did I mention tough!

The checkpoints are run by local running clubs that are super passionate about trail running and everyone that comes through their checkpoint. They ensure nothing is missed at each one. 

Why it’s my favourite event is that it’s my local and I am lucky enough to get train on the course (take selfies ha ha) a lot and then when others get to come up and race on it really puts it into perspective of how lucky we actually are, as I’ve spoken to so many people who have raced the B100 that don’t live locally and they are blown away by the scenery and the event and comment how lucky the people that live local really are.